Versify Portal: Operator Logs, Asset Management and Net Compliance for Power Generation

Event Logs Operator LogsAsset Management Operations ManagementNERC CIP Compliance


  • Operator Logs

  • Operator Logbook

  • Incident Management

  • Event Management

  • Asset Management

  • Workflow & Process Automation

What is a Workflow?

Operator Logs

Versify’s Event, Logging and Workflow Software for improved communications and decision making among business units with robust logging and information sharing.

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Advanced configurable workflow
engine to improve business processes

Versify PORTAL™ gives you unprecedented control of your business. It allows you to digitize data entry forms, questionnaires, routing and/or approvals, consolidating your paper documents, email, and phone-based communications into an auditable repository. With Versify PORTAL™, you can configure the steps, notifications, and escalation messages to be delivered at various stages of your processes, so staff are aware of their pending, and potentially overdue, tasks.

Provide instructions to employees on what needs to be completed by attaching documents, web links, network links, and reference materials through the workflow engine. Versify PORTAL™ manages your business rules, tracks multiple approvals and provides routing of information between business departments simplifying complex processes and reducing errors. It integrates with several common external systems which can automatically initiate Versify workflows. It also allows you to configure time-based workflows that occur at any specific time, such as every 90 days, once a month, annual, etc.

Below are just a few examples of the template workflows that can be digitized and incorporated into the Versify PORTAL™ application.  Additional workflow templates can be configured through the self-service Workflow Admin.

Operator Logs

Operator Logbook

AVR Alarms

PSS Alarms

Shift Turnover

Shift Handover

Breaker On/Off Events

Equipment State Events

Safe Work Permit

Permit to Work

Morning Reports

Staffing Reports

Switching Orders

Isolation Orders




  • Automatically create log entries based on operating or market data
  • SMS, Email and Work Queue Alerting, Alarming and Escalation
  • Comprehensive Operator Log with Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities
  • Create Form, Question & Answer, and Approval Workflows
  • Document Upload and/or Link Association
  • Ad-hoc reporting tool for reporting on metrics


  • Automates manual processes with an integrated workflow application to provide a consistent record keeping and event capture
  • Enables improved communications and decision making among business units with robust logging and information sharing

Advanced configurable workflow
engine to improve business processes


A framework for ensuring compliance with internal and regulatory processes and policies.

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  • Integrated NERC Standards Database with 400 Standards/Requirements
  • Compliance Workflow Library with 100+ out of the box starter workflows
  • Supports creation of your own standards/requirements for other compliance reporting: FERC, ISO/RTO, etc.
  • Automated Evidence Reporting and dashboards


  • Provides a framework for ensuring compliance with internal and regulatory processes and policies
  • Improves efficiency for evidence capture and compliance monitoring

Asset Management

Situational awareness of market prices, asset telemetry, weather data, and key data streams.

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Versify Asset Management Dashboards Reports Telemetry Market Data

Versify’s Asset Management™ module provides real-time and hourly dashboards and reporting allowing operators, schedulers, and dispatchers insight into market awareness, weather, asset performance and asset reliability.  Included in the suite of metrics and telemetry possible with Versify’s Asset Management™ module includes plant availability, schedules, MW’s, plant operational data, LMP, awards, current and forecasted weather, and a host of KPI’s.  Versify empowers power generators in making better decisions by providing automatic real-time calculation of plant margin and opportunities to additional revenue and cost improvement opportunities.


  • Home Page with fleet wide configurable metrics and graphs
  • Configurable Fleet Dashboards by Region, Plant or Asset technology
  • Near real time configurable streaming data and charts
  • Standard configurable reports for Summary, Daily and Hourly reporting
  • Out of the box integration with ISO/RTO public and private data, NOAA weather data, operation data and work management systems


  • Consolidates view of market prices, asset telemetry, weather data and other key data streams
  • Reduces time to deployment with standard interfaces and configurable dashboards
  • Improves profitability of the portfolio