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Need a way to manage NERC’s Wind GADS reporting requirements?

  • Reduce Errors
  • Save Time
  • Accurate Reporting



Versify’s NERC Wind GADS Software



NERC Wind GADS Software to provide visibility into Wind Fleet, Wind Farm and Turbine performance and reliability

Automatically Categorizes Fault Codes to
NERC System and Component Codes


Versify’s Wind GADS management software is integrated with the Versify Generation Outage Management Enterprise System and automates the GADS Wind reporting process to insure data accuracy and consistency with reported outages.  To meet the GADS-W reporting instructions, Wind Generation Owners require an automated tool to manage the data volumes and complexity.

The reporting requirements specified by NERC require detailed operational data for each turbine in a generator’s portfolio.  GADS Wind reporting is much more data intensive than traditional fossil plant reporting that has been required by NERC for many years.  For example, a 200 MW wind site may have data for as many as 200 turbines that must be reported.

Versify’s Wind GADS software can be configured to automatically identify turbine fault codes from various turbine manufacturers and assign them to the NERC GADS system and component codes.  The module generates the required NERC GADS files based on the automated events captured along with key performance indicators.   These KPI’s provide visibility into the wind fleet, wind farm, and turbine performance and reliability.


  • Out of the box operational data integration
  • Automated NERC event creation
  • Automated event classification based on site level outages (planned, forced, maintenance)
  • KPI calculations
  • Automated report creation (Sub Group, Performance and System-Component)


  • Eliminate the burdensome manual process of collecting and categorizing NERC codes
  • Reduce inaccurate categorization
  • Timely delivery of NERC quarterly reports
  • Visibility into Wind Fleet, Wind Farm, and Turbine performance
  • Reduce O&M costs