KPIs, Dashboards & Reports SelfService Reporting Infrastructure

Versify’s ExecView™ application helps executives and asset managers optimize the portfolio by consolidating data from separate applications to compute actual performance against standardized KPI’s in near real time through guided analytics and self-service dashboards and reports.

  • Standard Asset and Portfolio Dashboard & Reports
  • Market Summary, Market Detail, Market Data Listing, Operations Summary, Operations Detail, Operations Data Listing, Reliability Summary, Plant Reliability, Reliability Data Listing
  • Standard Market KPIs (PJM)
  • A/S Market Revenue, Balancing Market Revenue, Balancing Market Volume, DA Off Peak, DA Peak, DA Revenue, DA/RT Revenue, DASR Revenue, Energy Cost, Fixed OM Cost, Gross Margin, Hourly OM Costs, Non-Synchronous Revenue, Regulation Revenue, RT Off Peak, RT Peak, Spin Revenue, Total Energy Revenue, Total A/S Awards, Total Revenue
  • Standard Operations KPIs (PJM)
  • Average Run Time, # AVR Events, Fuel Burn MMBTU, Scheduled MWh, Service Hours, Startup Cost, Synchronous Hours, Total Hourly Cost of Operation, Actual Heat Rate, Actual RH, Deviation From Schedule, Actual Starts, VOM Cost, NCF
  • Standard Reliability KPIs (PJM)
  • Available Hours, Availability Factor, EAF, EFDH, EFDHd, EFDHRS, EFOF, EFOR, EFORd, EPDH, ESEDH, EUDH, FO, FOH, FOHd, FOHdD, FOHdF, FOHdR, FOHdT, FOF, Forced Outage Factor, Maintenance Outages, MOH, Planned Outages, POH, POF, Pumping Hours, Reserve Shutdown Hours, WEAF, WEFOF, WEFOR, WEFORd, Period Hours
  • Self-service Reporting
  • “Save as” Standard Reports
  • Create new dashboards and reports and using existing metrics and KPIs
  • Provides near real-time visibility of asset performance
  • Eliminates manual report creation and distribution
  • Provides standardized reporting across portfolio
  • Facilitates Self-Service Reporting
  • Provides out of the box KPIs for fast deployment
Drive margin, reduce risk, and improve asset performance with Integrated Analytics