A proven, patented data management platformto help generators embrace the digital age

The Versify Operating System offers a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution to give you a configurable data management platform with a proven library of interfaces and intuitive UI components. Now you can leverage and manage all your generation data through one application.

  • Secure Hosted and Managed Solution in Versify Private Cloud
  • Versify Energy Industry Database
  • Web-based Versify Software Platform
  • Versify Standardized Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)
  • Systems Integration and Data Transformation Platform with Monitoring and Notification
  • Database and Application Backup and Recovery
  • Remote Disaster Recovery Environment
  • Integrated Role-based Security with Audit Log
  • Library of pre-defined Report Templates
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Capabilities
  • Fully Managed Private SaaS Cloud Environment
  • Provides robust, industry proven data model out of the box
  • Eliminates lengthy application implementation projects
  • Provides extensive inventory of proven systems integration
  • Models all generation & transmission technologies

Versify V-Performance connects to your data sources, such as operational data historians, markets, weather forecast and work management systems.

You can use this connected data to: create integrated workflows, standardize reports and dashboards, create analytics and automate processes.