The OMS Roadmap

Versify has significantly advanced our Outage Management System (OMS) capabilities over the last two years. We have dedicated our efforts to improving usability and performance as well as expanding the capabilities we offer based on customer and market expectations.

ISO Integration

Automated integration to PJM, CAISO, MISO, NYISO, ISO-NE and ERCOT outage management systems.

Ambient Ratings

Calculate hourly unit capabilities based on unit power curve data and ambient conditions to support hourly derate process.

Real-Time Display

New display to allow users to focus on outages starting and/or stopping during the current day. Conditional formatting and quick edit capabilities reduce the clicks required to identify issues and submit start/stop notifications to the ISO/RC.

Reserve Shutdown Automation

Provide automated mechanism to create Reserve Shutdown events for NERC GADS reporting based on operational data (historian) integration.

Outage Calendar

The Outage Calendar provides a read-only view of future outages in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view. Generation Availability Report will provide the current plant availability based on any outages or derates in the OMS.

Workflows Enhancements

Improvements to the Versify workflow tool to streamline the configuration of workflows.