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About Versify Solutions

We develop innovative web and cloud based Software-as-a-Service solutions for the dynamic and ever changing energy industry.   Our customers are some of the largest energy companies and trading desks in the U.S., utilizing our solutions to manage enormous power plants, wind farms and solar plants, including the national power grid.

Our brilliant, creative and passionate developers are the secret to staying at the forefront of innovation to lead the market.   Our corporate culture has been designed as a down-to-earth and exciting environment.   While the crew works hard, you can be inspired by the great personalities, helpful assistance and an overall positive energy.

Whether you're a student with raw talent, seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, we’re looking for those bright-minded creators.  Join our team and become part of something new and exciting!

Versify’s Application Suite
Versify provides is a superior suite of web-based SaaS analytical tools for the energy industry.  Used by power plant staff, operations staff, management, and energy traders to deliver rich, real-time asset monitoring, performance metrics and market information.  Our customers utilize our suite of web based tools to help manage their fleet of power plants and assets from Solar, Wind, Natural Gas, Coal and Hydro.  They can view their fleet at a glance or drill down to an exact generating unit to see actual real-time performance.  Their operational and market data can be consolidated, managed, and viewed through our Silverlight presentation tier.  The logic tier is developed in Microsoft C# and T-SQL and the data tier is Microsoft SQL 2012.

The Position

This is a great opportunity to join the team of a fast growing company, building unique software for the power industry.  The candidate will join a team of highly energized technologists designing and developing cutting edge solutions.    Versify leverages the latest technology, cloud platform and software development tools so you can bring your talents to fruition and your skills to our customers.

Versify makes our mark on the cutting edge by leveraging the latest in the Microsoft stack of technologies including Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Silverlight, C# and T-SQL using development tools such as Visual Studio, Team Foundation Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.   Our new East Coast and West Coast Cloud platforms provide our customers and developers with the latest technology, security and performance.


What you get

  • A wide range of projects working closely with clients and seeing your hard work come to life in some of the largest energy companies and utilities in the country
  • To be part of a great team and a dynamic company working closely together to collaborate on the next generation of technology solutions for our customers
  • Opportunity to learn new technologies, improve your skills and learn all about the fascinating energy industry
  • An open and welcoming corporate culture that thrives on energetic and talented people


Great talent deserves great benefits

Competitive Salary: We keep up with industry standards.

Premium Health Benefits: Rock solid medical, dental and flexible spending account plans and benefits.

Matched 401K: Helping you save for the future.

Advanced Tech: Technology and industry leading tools foster productivity and creativity.

Team Environment: Complimentary refreshments, frequently catered lunches, team building happy hours and more.


What you’ll be doing

  • Designing, developing and supporting the suite of Versify applications in a new office space designed for collaboration and team work
  • Developing in Silverlight XAML, T-SQL Stored Procedures, working with the SQL database and data, and minimal C#
  • 60% development, 15% support and troubleshooting, 15% client communication and management, 10% documentation, 10% leading and coaching (we expect 110%)
  • Daily communication with customers, team members and management on the status, progress and issues
  • Quickly deliver technical solutions to client’s environments ensuring quality and solid development practices and methodology
  • Learn the energy industry, our customers and our solutions as they are being used by clients across the country
  • Team collaboration to identify global enhancement requests and play a role in the overall architecture of the company solutions
  • Work with customers (who love us) to identify and create innovative business solutions to improve their business processes and increase profitability
  • Prepare and review necessary product documentation to help customers board our latest product enhancements
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues (it doesn’t happen often, but we stand by our products)


We’re looking for (minimum requirements)

Versify is recruiting the top talent in Microsoft stack developers that have a strong background and experience in web and internet based technologies.   We hire individuals who have robust knowledge/experience in technology and a firm understanding of the concepts of their profession.   We’re searching for those who can quickly learn new technologies and new business concepts, can work in a team environment, and are capable of delivering great products for our customers.

  • BS degree in MIS/CIS/CSE or equivalent formal training
  • 5-8 years’ experience developing client/server applications utilizing .NET and C# or similar object oriented programming language.
  • 5+ years’ experience developing and supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or greater, strong T-SQL, and Stored Procedures.
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Quickly learn new technologies and programming skills
  • A motivated self-starter that is able to work independently and in teams on tasks and projects with limited supervision
  • Must have ability to write short business requirements and technical design documents.  Be able to clearly articulate and communicate, both written and verbally.
  • Basic project management and time management skills.  Must be able to deliver on time and with quality product.

We’re looking for (a plus)

  • 2 years’ experience as a developer working for a power generation, power marketing, or energy trading department desired
  • Experience building GUIs in XAML (WPF or Silverlight)
  • 3-5 years’ experience with HTML, XML, XSLT, and Internet/Intranet database-driven applications
  • Proficient with WCF design and implementation
  • Capability to effectively communicate to peers, management and customers on progress, troubleshooting issues, and resolution and work in a team environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a strong focus on customer facing interaction, customer service, and presentation
  • Experience with Team Foundation Studio


All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Application Email:

The Versify View: V-Performance Outage Management (OMS) Enhancements v5.12

The OMS Roadmap

Versify has significantly advanced our Outage Management System (OMS) capabilities over the last two years. We have dedicated our efforts to improving usability and performance as well as expanding the capabilities we offer based on customer and market expectations.

ISO Integration

Automated integration to PJM, CAISO, MISO, NYISO, ISO-NE and ERCOT outage management systems.

Ambient Ratings

Calculate hourly unit capabilities based on unit power curve data and ambient conditions to support hourly derate process.

Real-Time Display

New display to allow users to focus on outages starting and/or stopping during the current day. Conditional formatting and quick edit capabilities reduce the clicks required to identify issues and submit start/stop notifications to the ISO/RC.

Reserve Shutdown Automation

Provide automated mechanism to create Reserve Shutdown events for NERC GADS reporting based on operational data (historian) integration.

Outage Calendar

The Outage Calendar provides a read-only view of future outages in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view. Generation Availability Report will provide the current plant availability based on any outages or derates in the OMS.

Workflows Enhancements

Improvements to the Versify workflow tool to streamline the configuration of workflows.

V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 Advances Analytics, Fosters Operational Excellence for Power Generators and Utilities

For more information: John Egan, 720-949-4906

V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 Advances Analytics, Fosters Operational Excellence for Power Generators and Utilities


Glen Mills, Pa. (August 11, 2015) – V-PERFORMANCE® 5.0 extends Versify’s leadership by offering next-generation analytics and automation for many operational processes leveraging industry best practices. The enhanced platform offers robust data integration capabilities, extensive configurability, and out-of-the-box support for automating key business processes.


V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 is a major technology leap forward in promoting operational excellence for power companies and utilities. Versify developed V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 to provide clients with unparalleled data-management capabilities to help make better decisions that dramatically improve operational and financial performance. The platform offers better visibility into both opportunities and business risk, while improving operations efficiency. Versify’s broad functional footprint and SaaS deployment model allow customers to consolidate disparate applications and quickly deploy the solution.


Generation owners and utilities across the U.S. increase profitability and operate more effectively after deploying the new integrated analytics software suite. In a recent research study, customers reported they have recouped, on average, a return of seven times their investment, with some as high as 20 times. Companies have also successfully managed risk arising from new regulations from state, regional and federal agencies. Overall, Versify customers report millions of dollars in annual operating cost savings, revenue generation and fine/penalty avoidance.


“V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 takes analytics to an entirely new level, addressing critical information gaps,” said Pete Cona, Versify’s president and chief executive officer. “V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 provides power generators and utilities powerful and highly configurable applications with unique work flow functionality so they can manage their performance and improve operating efficiencies.”


V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 application modules offer analytical capabilities for power companies and utilities including: executive dashboards, portfolio performance management, asset management, generation and transmission outage management, operator logging, event management, plant management and compliance management. Versify provides analytics and workflows out-of-the box so customers can easily customize or create their own analytics and workflows to meet their process and reporting needs. Executives can use the key performance indicator (KPI) reporting functionality to quickly make strategic and tactical decisions to improve power plant operations for all generation technologies. Operational processes can be automated, standardized and tracked leading to significant operational efficiencies, reduced business risk and compliance with regulatory requirements.



About Versify Solutions

Versify Solutions Inc. provides SaaS and PaaS application solutions that integrate a company’s vast data sources to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of generation assets. Versify products including V-PERFORMANCE®, V-TRADER®, and NETcompliance® offer generators and energy traders better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels. The company offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities. For more information, please visit


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Versify Advances Process Excellence with Financial Operations Veteran Michael Wilk

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Versify Advances Process Excellence with Financial Operations Veteran Michael Wilk

Glen Mills, Pa. (May 20, 2015) — Versify Solutions Inc., a leading SaaS provider to power generators, has strengthened its senior leadership team by adding Michael Wilk as its new chief financial officer and senior vice president of finance, administration and operations. Wilk will be responsible for expanding Versify’s process excellence as it rapidly grows its integrated data analytics business.

“The market conditions and Versify’s next-generation product portfolio are creating significant growth opportunities,” said Wilk, “I will be focusing on enhancing Versify’s key operational processes as a growth company to maintain our high levels of client quality and on-time delivery as well as financial strength.” Wilk joins Versify from Safeguard Scientifics, a NYSE growth capital investment firm with $500 million under management. He has a 25-year career as an operating executive, growth capital provider and advisor to management teams and Boards.

The power-generation business is changing rapidly, driving increased demand for the power-generation software that Versify provides. New regulatory requirements are forcing generators to automate and update their business processes. Renewable generation continues to grow rapidly, and integrating intermittent resources into the nation’s electric grid poses particular challenges. As well, there is a high level of electric price volatility as environmental regulation accelerates the turnover of the nation’s generating fleet.

“We are genuinely delighted to add Michael’s process discipline and financial and operational expertise, as process excellence is part of Versify’s DNA,” said Pete Cona, Versify’s president and chief executive officer. “We are moving to our next level of growth, and strengthening our management team in all key operating disciplines is an important part of that.”

About Versify Solutions

Versify Solutions Inc. provides SaaS and PaaS application solutions that integrate a company’s vast data sources to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of generation assets. Versify products including V-PERFORMANCE®, V-TRADER®, and NETcompliance® offer generators and energy traders better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels. The company offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities. For more information, please visit



Latest Research Among Leading Power Producers Shows Pay Off For Generators Using Integrated Analytics

For more information: John Egan, 720-949-4906

Glen Mills, Pa. (April 29, 2014) — Versify Solutions, a leading SaaS provider of integrated analytics to power generators, is helping some of the nation’s largest power producers improve financial and operational performance despite today’s turbulent market conditions. The successes of generators like Duke Energy, LS Power and Acciona are summarized in a recent, third-party research report entitled Power Producers Can Use Integrated Analytics to Drive Margin, Reduce Risk and Improve Asset Performance.


Versify’s integrated analytics platform helps investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and independent power producers (IPPs) significantly improve and integrate operations, dispatch, trading, compliance and other critical generation-support functions in as little as 90 days. The latest study found users have recouped, on average, a return of seven times their Versify software investment, with some as high as 20 times. Their returns are based both on increased margin and cost savings. Users report saving as much as $500,000 in a single instance and increasing revenues in increments of $10,000 to $20,000 per plant at a time — often adding up to millions annually.


Versify CEO Pete Cona said, “We are sharing this research with the market to show how our integrated analytics help generators create measurable value in a very challenging environment. When it comes to managing all the varying types of generation, including renewables, the days of legacy processes are giving way to more automated systems that can provide enhanced analytics and operational work flows that help improve and execute decisions and processes across the commercial operations enterprise.”


“Today, Versify is creating value in a number of ways including analytics, operations support and compliance management,” Cona continued. “Power generators are clearly benefitting from investments in integrated analytics. We’re happy to help our clients get ahead — and stay ahead — of a constantly moving curve.”


Copies of the research paper are available here.


About Versify Solutions

Versify Solutions Inc. provides SaaS and PaaS application solutions that integrate a company’s vast data sources to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of generation assets. Versify products, including V-PERFORMANCE®, V-TRADER®, and NETcompliance® offer generators and energy traders better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels. The company offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities. For more information, please visit

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Versify Signed Multi-Year Software Contract with GDF SUEZ Energy North America, Inc.

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Glen Mills, Pa.  — Versify Solutions Inc. signed a multi-year contract with GDF SUEZ Energy North America, Inc. to provide an advanced software solution for corporate-wide reliability event logging. Under the contract, GDF SUEZ Energy North America will use two of Versify’s hosted solutions — Event Logging and NETcompliance™ — to streamline the collection of regulatory information.

“Regulatory compliance requires capturing an enormous amount of data in a timely, highly organized, and easily recoverable way,” said Ken Lackey, vice president, Commercial Operations, in portfolio management. “After a comprehensive review process, we selected Versify because its software provides an automatic way of monitoring and managing compliance standards.”

Lackey continued: “Versify is delivering a solution that easily integrates with our existing systems to deliver compliance visibility and reporting throughout the organization.” GDF SUEZ Energy North America will deploy the software at its Houston headquarters to be used by multiple groups including the generation dispatch desks to capture compliance information associated with the approximate 10,000 MW of merchant generation which the desks manage in the United States.

Pete Cona, president and chief executive of Versify, said, “We are very pleased to be working with GDF SUEZ Energy North America. We have a robust application to address their compliance management and reliability event logging needs. Versify has a strong solution for generation owners and operators as the basis for creating an enhanced, comprehensive culture of compliance.”

About Versify Solutions

Versify Solutions Inc. provides SaaS and PaaS application solutions that integrate a company’s vast data sources to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of generation assets.  Versify products including V-PERFORMANCE®

V-TRADER®, and NETcompliance® offer energy traders and generators better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels. The company offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities.  For more information, please visit

About GDF SUEZ Energy North America

GDF SUEZ Energy North America manages a range of energy businesses in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, including electricity generation and cogeneration, natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution and sales, and retail energy sales and related services to commercial and industrial customers, and to residential customers via its Think Energy® brand. Natural gas and renewable fuels—wind, hydro, biomass, and solar—power more than 90% of the company’s 13,000 MW generating fleet. The company's natural gas assets include an LNG receiving terminal just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and natural gas distribution networks and pipelines in Mexico that serve more than 400,000 customers. The company’s retail electricity business serves nearly 50% of the Fortune 100 companies. GDF SUEZ Energy North America is a part of the international energy group GDF SUEZ. For more information, please visit

What you need to know: energy trader new york iso

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As an energy trader New York ISO you are part of a dynamic network of energy generators and distributors who are lighting the way for the New York region. The New York Independent System Operator works with its stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the power grid while benefiting end-users by:

  • Maintaining and ensuring reliability
  • Operating open, fair and competitive wholesale energy markets
  • Planning for the future of the power system
  • Providing numerous tools, resources and data for policy makers, traders and entities operating within the NYISO system

For an energy trader, New York ISO can be the source of invaluable data that can power energy trades and enhance your business across multiple markets. Let’s take a look at the resources the NYISO offers to energy traders.

Understanding the Markets

Understanding the complex energy market is the key to open access to the grid. Participants in the market bid to buy or sell electricity. The NYISO markets, in turn, make the most economical and efficient assignment of electric resources. This atmosphere drives efficient procurement of energy and drives healthy competition for market participants.

There are several different types of markets that work in conjunction with each other. As an energy trader New York ISO, your entity has an opportunity to glean knowledge from each of these markets

  • The energy market
  • The ancillary services market
  • The capacity market
  • Financial markets

Membership in the NYISO

The NYISO is responsible for the reliable transmission of electrify across almost 11,000 miles of high voltage lines. Over 500 energy generators dispatch energy within the NYISO market.

Several New York Transmission Owners are members of the NYISO, including:

  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
  • Con Edison
  • Long Island Power Authority
  • New York Power Authority
  • National Grid
  • New York State Electric & Gas Corporation
  • Orange & Rockland
  • Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation

Market Data for Energy Trader New York ISO

The NYISO provides a large range of tools for energy traders. Market data and resources include:

  • Pricing data
  • Power grid data
  • Load data
  • Reports and information
  • Postings by date
  • Zone Maps
  • Graphs
  • Market Access
  • Custom Reports
  • TCC
  • ICAP
  • Demand response
  • Interregional data
  • System Conditions

In addition, the NY ISO offers several opportunities for training and self-learning. Many courses are offered online. Courses cover billing, accounting, operations and other subjects. Throughout the year, the New York ISO offers several Market Overview Seminars for participants.

Want to learn more about NY ISO and how to use their resources to power your trades? Contact Versify Solutions today!

Tools for Energy Trader PJM Interconnection

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For an energy trader PJM is like a stock market with participants establishing electricity price by matching supply and demand. It is a dynamic marketplace and participating in it effectively can help your entity power past the competition and maintain itself as a reliable energy source on the bulk power grid.

Let’s learn more about the PJM interconnection, what it means to be an energy trader PJM and how Versify Solutions can help power your trades with innovative software solutions.

About the PJM Interconnection and Energy Market

The PJM Interconnection operates as Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) for 13 states and the District of Columbia. The states covered in all or part by PJM include:

  • Delaware

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • Maryland

  • Michigan

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Tennessee

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

The main role of PJM is to coordinate the transmission of wholesale electricity within its territory while ensuring reliability for customers and creating a fair, competitive electricity marketplace.

The PJM energy market is one of the largest and most dynamic on the planet.

Tools for Energy Trader PJM

The PJM is the market in which regional energy traders do their business. PJM sets locational marginal pricing (LMP) that predicts the value of the energy at the time and location it is delivered. The LMP ensures that the lowest priced energy is dispatched to meet demand. If they lowest price is not available across the grid because of transmission congestion, the pricing will vary across the grid.

For energy traders and wholesales this makes market data a critical tool in business development and profit growth.

PJM consists of Real-Time Markets and Day-Ahead Markets. The Day-Ahead Market calculates hourly pricing and demand. The Real-Time Markets calculate pricing and demand every 5 minutes.

PJM tools include:

  • Enhanced energy scheduler

  • Power Meter

  • Data Miner

  • InSchedule

  • ExSchedule

  • eCredit

  • eDART

  • eData

  • eDatafeed

Unifying and effectively utilizing these tools requires a powerful, professional software solution.

Power Your Trades with Versify Solutions!

If you are an energy trader, PJM is your go-to energy market in the Northeast and your go-to professional tool for trades is V-Trader from Versify Solutions. V-Trader is the ultimate tool for unifying and managing all the data provided by the PJM Interconnection. V-Trader features automated event capture and is preloaded with all regional ISO and RTO information. No matter what market you operate in, V-Trader can help power your trades and wholesale business by aligning your data with local market data.

Want to learn more? Call us today!

Energy industry reporting california iso

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Researching and analyzing energy industry reporting California iso can provide your energy entity with valuable market insights. The California ISO (also called CAISO) has a plethora of resources available for energy entities operating in the California ISO marketplace.

Here is a review of available energy industry reporting California ISO resources.

Overview of CAISO

CAISO works around the clock to ensure the lights stay on, while building a competitive marketplace for energy. Their job is to ensure the reliability of the grid for end-use customers, while also making sure energy generators have fair and equal access to the marketplace.

Members of the ISO include scheduling coordinators, congestion revenue rights holders, convergence bidding entities, generators and transmission owners.

Transparent Access

Energy industry reporting california iso provides centralized access to important data. The market is dynamic and constantly changing and CAISO is at the forefront of providing current information and reports to the marketplace.

On the CAISO website, the organization provides updates and bulletins on the following news areas:

  • CAISO board and committees—providing minutes, proposals and bulletins from the CAISO Board of governors and its committees
  • Stakeholder processes—announcements on opportunities for stakeholders to provide input on various processes and policies of the CAISO
  • Release planning—the assessment of market initiative implementation impacts
  • Clean, green grid—reports on environmental reform and renewable energy policies in California
  • Notifications—timely notifications and alerts on ISO operations, markets, emergencies and upcoming events
  • Meetings and events—announcements of upcoming events for stakeholder input and participation.
  • Recent documents—CAISO’s most recent documents
  • Bulletins, reports and studies—centralized access to all technical bulletins, reports and case studies
  • Papers and proposals—policy papers, decisions and other proposals
  • Regulatory filings and orders—centralized access to filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the California Public Utilities Commission

Your Role: Outage Planning and Reporting

In addition to all the tools and reports that CAISO provides to marketplace members, your entity has a role to support reporting and data. CAISO asks for stakeholder input on a variety of processes and policies ranging from transmission planning to budget and grid management. In addition, entities who operate in the CAISO marketplace must provide planning outage information to the ISO and report on unplanned outages. This helps CAISO ensure the ongoing reliability of the grid

Learn More! Call Versify Solutions!

Want to learn more about energy industry reporting california iso? Call Versify Solutions today! We are the leading provider of energy software solutions and can help you with all your CAISO needs!

Types of Power Industry Data Analysis From The U.S. Energy Information Administration

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is an independent government organization within the U.S. Department of Energy that collects, analyzes and provides a comprehensive range of power industry data analysis for energy entities, the general public and policymakers. The aim is to promote efficient and effective policy making, while supporting energy industry growth and economic development.

For power entities, this high level and comprehensive power industry data analysis can be a critical tool in making business decisions.

Types of EIA Power Industry Data Analysis

EIA provides reports on the following energy sectors and uses:shutterstock_13398974612

  • Petroleum and other liquids: crude oil, heating oil, diesel, gasoline and biofuels

  • Natural gas: exploration, resources, production, imports, exports, prices and sales

  • Coal: imports, exports, prices, resources, production, sales, prices , employment and human resources and stock prices

  • Renewables and alternative fuels: hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and ethanol

  • Electricity: sales, revenue, stock prices, outages, generation, trade, power plants and emissions

  • Nuclear and uranium:  nuclear reactors, uranium fuel and generation

  • Consumption and efficiency: public and private sector energy use in homes, manufacturing, commercial buildings and transportation

  • Total energy: comprehensive power industry data analysis of consumption, reserves and forecasted demands

In each of these categories, the EIA provides weekly, monthly, annual and multi year reports and analysis. The final analyzed data is primarily available via the EIA website.

Electricity Data Analysis and Projections

EIA has a comprehensive list of data analysis and projections that it provides for electricity. The report list includes:

  • Consumption, revenues and prices

  • Generation and thermal output

  • Generating capacity

  • Consumption of fuels used to generate electricity

  • Data on fossil fuels for electricity generation

  • Revenue and expense statistics for power plants

  • Electricity purchases, imports and exports

  • Grid Reliability

  • Consumer demand, capacity resources and capacity margins

  • Electricity and the environment

The EIA also provides detailed electricity data organized by the state-level, sale and revenue, generating capacity, power plant operating data and more. Users can customized data views and graph down to the plant level by using the interactive electricity data feature on the EIA website.

The EIA sources data through customized data surveys to key players in the power industry. While not all entities are required to participate in the data collection process; if you are selected to participate, it is mandatory to complete the data survey under the FEA act.

Use Data to Power Your Business

The EIA data is a useful tool for all power entities. When used properly the power Industry data analysis can help you power your business past the competition.Versify Solutions is the leading provider of power industry data analysis solutions. Our comprehensive platform includes automated data collection, storage and analysis features that can support your entity if you are required to report to EIA. Contact us today to learn more!